LIFE, not Downhill, but PEACE

My husband had impressed on me, probably unintentionally, that at the age of 32 it was the downhill track to the end! This was definitely rather depressing!

I had been brought up in a Christian home; my father’s faith was based on imperatives, and much guilt, even to the end when he considered his cancer a God given punishment for his unfaithfulness. My mother always came back from church rather elated, and we as children knew the rules of God, but not a lot more.

 Our 2 year old daughter was in need of grommets because her hearing was so impaired. I was beset with fear about an operation under aesthetic, my sister had been involved in a car crash, and I knew that life could be taken at any time any place.

When a friend, who was having a few people for drinks, started talking about people experiencing miracles of healing at her church, and that anyone could come on a Tuesday morning – I made a decision to bring my daughter.

 It was a coffee morning setting, there were no children – I rather dreaded that my very alert daughter may cause distractions. Worship started – they lifted their hands and I thought “Oh No”!  my daughter who was sitting with complete concentration nudged me and said “Mummy Mummy, you go like this”, and she opened out her two tiny hands. I started to weep and could not stop when they sang “And when Your hand is on this child Your healing I receive”. They then told of a boy who had been at a special school and they had prayed for him – he slept for 3 days and now was healed and in mainstream education.

I heard but could not believe. At the end they asked to pray for my daughter – she said “Yes her hearing was better, thank you” but she was just being polite. I was still completely broken and they asked if I would like prayer and I agreed – all dignity was out of the window so I had nothing to lose. I drove home. I had to pull into a layby.  I just could not quantify the peace. I lived on my nerves in the past. It was the most indescribable peace. I was late collecting my husband – he was very justifiably annoyed but it was as if he was saying that the sky was blue with a breeze and all was well. That was 27 years ago, I have followed Jesus since. I have known a gift which was completely unexpected – being a very unaware person in the natural! I have been fortunate in finding places to worship and inspiration as we moved from London to other places in the UK.
 I had longed for years to go to Bible school but realised with a family that it would really be a stretch too far. I was invited  to come to a Bible Study which I have been doing for the last four years – it has transformed my walk with God.
I have found out about Him for myself, and then get together with others to check up! The result is such confidence and a daily delight! The Holy Spirit is amazing and together with knowledge of the Bible, equips and is an unending story of hearing, learning and doing and also simply being. I still am amazed how there is not a stampede to become followers of Jesus Christ

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