Rediscovering Jesus

I’ve always believed in God, and creation. As a child I loved hearing about Jesus at Sunday School, (Anglican), but somehow I’d forgotten about Jesus in my young adulthood.

I had an emotional breakdown after 2 years of untreated post-natal depression with my first child, and was suffering from extreme anxiety due to financial problems.

 I was preparing to be baptised with the Jehovah Witnesses, when I became aware that their faith for salvation did not come through Jesus; also their teaching denies Jesus is God.

 I started attending a Christian Church, and Jesus came to me during a ‘mission’ week fairly soon afterwards. 

 Jesus opened my heart, quite literally, I can remember the feeling so clearly, I could feel my heart being opened physically within my body as if two hands were pulling it in two, and felt Jesus beside & over me and the Holy Spirit coming into me. I did not find this frightening but Jesus assuring me of His presence.

 Christ in my life has first, and foremost, given me joy and peace, and Jesus has helped me make right decisions, but now He has become so much more.

 My walk with the Lord has been bumpy due to me not putting Him first. 

I have grown gradually, but in the last couple of years I’ve had amazing blessings by making a conscious and heartfelt effort to put Him first.

 I have listened and acted upon his instructions

He has shown me very clearly in my heart, and in my mind that He is the Word that God wants to speak to us, and through us to other people.

His power is in the Word and it is important for people to read the Bible for themselves to receive their own blessings.

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