My Journey

 was bought up by Christian parents. When I was a child I even went to Sunday School, where I was taught many Bible stories. However these were just nice stories to me. As soon as I was old enough to make the decision, I decided to stop going to church on Sundays. To me, as a boy, I found church a boring club that I didn’t want to be a part of because I could think of far more exciting thing to do with my weekends.

During my teenage years I was introduced to science. I liked science, because I always had  a logical mind and I felt that science had a lot of answers. It was during this time that I was introduced to the Big Bang theory. I don’t think I ever felt completely comfortable with this idea, as it seemed to make no sense to me that something could come from nothing! No one would make a skyscraper and say ‘wow, that’s amazing how that made itself.’ Sadly as a young boy who could be influenced I did accept the Big Bang theory simply because I had come to trust my science teachers and this was now what everyone believed.

 I suppose, at this point,  I was very naïve and didn’t want to be different, so I just accepted what I was told.

Without any sort of spiritual influence in my life, my focus in life became ‘how can I best pass the time?’ I very much embraced the saying ‘ if the dead don’t rise, let us eat, drink for tomorrow we die!’

I tried lots of different things to find fulfilment, happiness and identity. No matter what I tried I couldn’t find any lasting joy. It was during this time that I discovered surfing. I found surfing to be the most peaceful and exhilarating thing I had tried so far. Following an unlikely series of events, my sister and I ended up going to a Christian festival in Cornwall, in the summer of 2009. I obviously went for the opportunity to surf. We surfed during the days and listened to the bands in the evening. One evening a man came up on stage and said something like,

‘ if you don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus then put your hand up.’

To this day I don’t know exactly why, but I put up my hand and I received some leaflets, but I left feeling slightly deflated.

I quickly forgot about saying I wanted to know more about Jesus when I returned home, but God didn’t forget!

I gradually began to realise that money doesn’t necessarily make people happy, and if I wanted true happiness I would have to put my trust in something other than sex, drugs and money, which society, friends and TV had told me would make me happy.

Sometime after the festival I suddenly had a hunger to read the Bible. I found a Bible that had been on a shelf at home for years. I started at the beginning and just read. I found the more that I read more hungry I was to read. I would read on the bus journey to and from school and whenever else I got a chance. I knew that people would look at me strangely, but I knew in my heart that the things I was reading and thinking about were far too important to let what other people think affect my search for truth.

I approached Jesus very scientifically, I needed evidence. If I couldn’t be 100% sure Jesus was the son of God, then I wasn’t interested. I found lots of evidence for God over the following few months, so much so that I was convinced.

I can now say to people I was 100% certain that God is real and Jesus is the Son of God.

I was convinced intellectually, however I had a desire to know God personally, and so I began a search after miracles, and found out the nature of God and get to know Hi. I have continued on my journey and I know the journey is not over, but I do have a personal relationship with Jesus.

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