NO Way Out.

My life was a complete mess because of wrong decisions I had made. When my marriage was failing, instead of us both asking the Lord for help, I went off and joined the Freemasons, a local drama group, a local singing group, a soccer team and the ‘boys night out club’. Eventually my marriage failed, and I was left with my angry teenage children, a bigger mortgage on a house with structural problems, a job I was no longer able to cope with, and a body that was physically and mentally on  a downward curve.

It was at this point that a couple of Christian friends reminded me of the Bible, I started reading and praying regularly more in desperation than in conviction; or even interest , but what I read told me that I had to turn to Jesus. With help I was encouraged to leave my old life with my own rules and I had a bonfire of doubtful books, videos and regalia. I lost many friends who thought I had ‘fallen off my perch’. One close friend asked me what drugs I was on!!

I began to ask God to turn my life around, I knew that through Jesus’ death on the cross I was forgiven. Then came three difficult and lonely months wondering if I had done the right thing, but slowly a great peace came upon me, and all aspects of my life came into clarity and order. I still had difficulties and problems, but now I had Jesus.

I knew that everything would work out the way He had planned, and that I would one day be in heaven with Him as He had promised.

Now, as a Christian, I have a relationship with God, and His son Jesus Christ, I also have a heart for people I come into contact with who are sick, unhappy, depressed, angry in despair and who are not happy with how they are. Many of these people may have drug or alcohol problems, many have been injured by events outside of their control. I have found that everyone can be helped, cured, healed, restored ( use whatever word you want), through the love, power and authority of Jesus Christ.

I have experienced degenerating back conditions, with a long history, totally cured overnight, I have heard of many receiving their sight, and even many raised from the dead. I know many cases where addicts have been healed ( without withdrawal  symptoms ), and where physical illnesses have been cured, and the body rejuvenated as the person is set free from hurts and fear to become a new person with a contented and totally changed lifestyle having been released from depression, illness, feelings of suicide, and even poverty. The Lord God looks after His children

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