God Rescued My Life

I was in a marriage which was falling apart.  My husband was taking his secretary out.  I began to get ill, and I visited the doctor regularly. 

I was prescribed a type of tranquilliser which I was allergic to, and the medication attacked my central nervous system, and blew my mind. 

I could not do anything at all and my husband and his aunt, who had brought him up, complained to my parents, and said that they had not been told that I suffered from epileptic fits, (which I never had!)  One night I was lying in bed on my own and in agony, wondering if I would ever get better and live, so I called out to God.  I did not know if He was there, or even listening to me. 

I said “Oh God, if you are there, please help me”, and He did.  My father wrote to his sister, who is a Christian and asked if she and my uncle could take me in for a while. 

My aunt and uncle ran a prayer group in their house made up of various people from many churches.  My aunt wrote back to my father straight away and said for me to go as soon as I could.  I went and found that the prayer group had been praying for me. 

When I met them I saw that they had ‘something’ which I did not have and I wanted it too

Not long after some American friends of my relatives invited an American evangelist to come over and speak to the group, and that evening I made up my mind to follow Jesus, and I was prayed for by this man. 

It was a slow process for me to start with because of the effect of the medication I had been given, and I was still taking other things, but I never looked back, and Jesus has been with me for many years now. 

He has been with me through numerous difficulties and disappointments; like when my father died quite young, and I was so upset.  I have relied on Jesus.  Jesus has healed me many times and even placed me in another land for a time. 

He keeps my life.  I would not be here if I had not come to know Him. I could not imagine life without Jesus, I would not want my life any other way than being with Jesus 

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