I Opened the Door to Jesus

I was occasionally taken to church by my mum as a child, and was used to hearing bible stories at school, but it didn’t all fit into place until I was in the last year of junior school. 

We had a visiting minister and his wife come to do a fortnight of telling people about how Jesus could forgive them and come into their lives.

He preached on Rev 3 verse 20, about Jesus standing at the door of my life & knocking to come in. So realising there was only a handle on my side of the door I opened it.

Fortunately because of my trusting Jesus; which gave me a new birth experience, I realised that I didn’t have to be trapped by my parent’s tendency towards depression.

My dad, because he had been in WW2 fighting the Japanese & I realise now must have had flashbacks.

My mum because she lost her 1st child & never really got over it.

When I left school I went through a time of loneliness. Which when I was able to drive, was overcome as I was able to drive into Burton & got involved with High Street Evangelical Church, and the move of the Holy Spirit.

I realise that the gifts of the spirit are actually intended to be used outside of the 4 walls of a church building & as well as inside, speaking into the lives of people who need help. Praise the Lord!

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