My mother turned to drink, and my Dad became violent against my mother & me. I was beaten and rejected. The authorities took me away from my parents in 1965; I was put into foster homes & then a boarding school. I was not able to read or write.

I got married in 1974 & from 1980 to 1993 we built up a tyre exhaust & break down business but many of our customers went bankrupt, and as a result left us in £55,000 debt & the business closed and we lost our 3 bed detached house and everything we owned.

My brother-in-law & sister in law took us to a Billy Graham meeting, it was strange to us, but we went forward to pray a prayer of salvation – we knew nothing of the Lord and nothing more seemed to happen for 25 years.

I worked for many companies, but one lady sacked me as I had grand mal seizures, in fact one night on my way home from work, I stopped to fill the car with fuel &  had a grand mal seizure,  I was pouring fuel everywhere, they called an ambulance & I was admitted to hospital. Another time I was driving home alone and went into a fit but the car slowed down and stopped in the middle of the road – and cars were driving round me.

After having Epileptic grand mal seizures I was admitted to hospital; we had many problems in our lives & had lost our home & our business for the second time. We had a neighbour who was a nightmare, our car was being vandalised, but our sister-in law had come to visit & gave me a Bible.  I was admitted to hospital they fitted a machine to measure the seizures; my wife came to see me & told me our dog had died in the night at 4am my wife said had she cried out to God for help.

That day I had another grand mal seizure but the machine did not record it – apparently I have to switch it on. But after that they said I was reading the Bible to them in the ward – Matthew Mark Luke & John. They said I refused to put the Bible down, I did not believe them and told them I can’t read. I argued with them, they told me to pick it up & I did & read 3 lines straight off – I was amazed, I can now read this was weird how could that happen after all these years?

One day I had a fit & put my hand on a kettle on a Rayburn which caused terrible burns to my left hand & 2 fingers on the right hand. It was not treated correctly resulting in severe infection & I went into shock, the infection had come into the blood – but I was stubborn and refused to let my wife call for help. I cried out to God if you want me to die take me home now if I live I live if I die I die. God did an awesome quick healing.

I grew to know more of His power & wanted others to know too. I was slowly coming to learn about the Lord as I had a continued hunger for the Word in the Bible, also God was dealing with some past hurts – but I know I now have eternal life & don’t have to worry about anything because God has it all in hand.

Everything is totally different; my whole life is changed completely. And others need to know the truth too. Knowing that I am loved by God and am a new creation & knowing I can trust God He will not lie to me has helped me to love others more – I don’t think of others as I did before,  my thoughts are different. Thank God for the prayers of my brother –in-law & sister-in-law.  Praise God

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