Life is Now in COLOUR

I grew up with a very godly mother and grandmother and always went to church, and even at an early age can remember how important it was to me and I feel that I have always believed in God.

I had been baptised as a baby and was duly confirmed in my early teens, and confirmation was a very special event for me – but somehow I always felt I was missing something.  

I think I was always feeling that one ought to be able to know God more personally. It seemed that God was somehow not quite real enough, although He meant so much to me. 

When I was 21, I was living in Montreal and came across some people who seemed to know Jesus in a real way, which amazed and thrilled me. 

The more I was with them the more I realised that they knew Someone who I somehow didn’t know like they did, but longed to do so. 

I came to see that Jesus had died for ME, had given everything for me so that I could know HIM, and that I needed to take that step and accept His offer of forgiveness. 

At last everything made sense to me and I gave my life to Jesus. It was like a completely new life, in colour instead of black and white.

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