God is Patient

As a child, I was shocked to discover that we killed and ate animals. Then that people killed other people, then, worse, that we ALL died. No one seemed to share my deep anxiety and hopelessness about this. These horrific discoveries were made when I was about 5 years old. 

At about age 8 or 9 I joined a Sunday school group called ‘Crusaders’, along with my younger sister. We loved it and the ladies who ran it were very special. They were friendly, clean, clear and light, at ease with us and each other. We both made commitments to God and asked Jesus to come into our lives. However my parents, for some reason, became anxious and moved us to Girl Guides. My sister and I did not come back to church. 

At about 17 years of age, 7 years later, my sister and I each separately, and a year apart, made re commitments to Jesus. 

Later my sister, who had become a Pastor’s wife, found out that the gentleman who had given us part of his house for the Crusaders Sunday School, had put all the children who attended on a list and prayed for us regularly – no wonder we had each come back to the Lord.

At this time I had a wonderful feeling of lightness, joy and cleanness (which I now know was the Holy Spirit). I can particularly remember a wonderful red sunset just after I had made the re commitment. 

My sister went from strength to strength with God, but I fell away after having joined a Church of England youth group for a while, as well as Bible Study and the school Scripture Union. However I was afraid after being asked to give a public testimony as I was shy.

I ended up marrying a man who was not a believer, and having 2 children. 

Eventually, about 20 years later, I returned to the Lord again, started reading the Bible and going to Church. My sister’s young son asked me, ‘Aunty Jean, do you love Jesus?’ I said,

‘No, I don’t know Him, but I’d like to.’

About a year later I was baptised.

Soon I became less fearful, and no longer afraid of dying. Instead of despair, I now had hope – I now had the gift of eternal life. I knew that eternally I was going to be with Jesus, because I belong to Him, and that is His free gift to me. I did not have to earn it because He love me whatever. 

Since then, I have seen many people healed of various ailments and had experience of miracles myself. I had the privilege of seeing my mother healed, by the Lord, of sciatica; when the doctors could do nothing except give painkillers. Two friends came to the house and prayed with me for my mother. Jesus gave me a word of knowledge. Jesus said ‘Pull on her foot’. He repeated this a number of times! Eventually I did it, but I was saying ‘You’ll have to take over Lord’ as I pulled her foot. All worked well. My mum was healed. She was a little stiff going upstairs for a day, and then she immediately returned happily to her gardening and enjoying life to the full.

The Lord was as good as His promise in the Bible that salvation is to you and all your family. My husband was saved in the last hour of life and my mother in the last week and a day. 

My story is not a dramatic one, but I hope it might be helpful to you.

God is indeed patient and forgiving. He provides. He is also faithful and delivers on His promises, even when we are not. He also keeps hold of us when we have once made a commitment to Him, even though we stray, He patiently leads us back home. My story also shows the power of prayer where the gentleman who gave the Sunday School room in his house prayed for us all.

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