Looking For Love

I was born in Glasgow. We were a family of eight, but my father was an alcoholic. My mother had to work night and day, cleaning, to keep us all together. My father could not hold down a job. So I said to myself I was going to have a better life than my mum.

I left school, got a job, met a young man with a good job, married, and had a baby. By the time I was 19 my life was a mess. My husband was an alcoholic. The doctors said it would be better for us if I left him, and they would help us. My mother always said that  you must never leave your husband no matter what  

My baby had to go into hospital have an operation. The day the baby came out of hospital, my husband lost his job as he was drinking whilst he was at work. We were left with nothing, no money coming in, we were in a mess.

Around this time my father died, and it broke my mother’s heart. My husband could not find a job. My brother had moved to England, and he said houses were cheaper, and there were good jobs to be had. So we moved to England to start a new life.

I was only 6months in England when I got a phone call to say my mother was in hospital, by this time I had two children. We set off to Scotland the children and I. We got off the train and went straight to the hospital. Visiting time was over. I asked if I could see her, and a nurse asked me to come into a small room. She then told me that my mum was dead. My whole world fell apart. I cried out to God  what is this life all about. You are born, then you die. What is life all about I was heart broken.

Not long after this 2 ladies came to my door. They were Jehovah Witnesses. They were talking about the Bible. They gave me one, and I started to read it. I could not put it down. One day I was reading about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in the first book to the Corinthians chapter 12 verses 1 to 11. Well, I was so excited. When I asked the ladies about this they said this is not right. I said to them I believed the Bible is the word of God. Then they left.

Then God, through the work of the Holy Spirit, began to show me what the Bible meant. I could understand it at last. I went back to college, and when a job came up in a nursing home, near where I lived, I asked God if I could have it.

After being there a while I said to the ladies that if any of them ever wanted to go to church on a Sunday I would take them; as it was part of my job. One day one of the ladies named Maggie asked to go. When we got to the church door she asked me to go in with her. I said ’oh no I will be back for her at lunch time.’ She said ’ please, come in with me.’ As she was 92 years of age

I could not believe I had said yes. When I got there the music I heard, and the words to the song just went right to my heart. I just couldn’t stop crying. A lady asked if she could pray with me, and that night I gave my life to the Lord Jesus. My sorrow turned into joy, what a night that was. Now I know what it was. Jesus filled me with His love.  That was in 1987.

My husband never gave up drinking, sad to say, he rejected me, and we are now divorced. The Lord Jesus spoke into my life at that time through a verse in the Bible. In Jeremiah chapter 29 verse 11

For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you, and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.  

Jesus has kept His word. He has found me a Christian husband, and together, because of Jesus. I now know what love is.

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