My Story

I was born, and lived, in Northern Ireland until 1964 when I moved across to North London.

I have a twin brother and, as boys, we were sent to Sunday school every Sunday morning, usually accompanied by an older sister. We were told Bible stories, and taught the Ten Commandments.

My mother, who was a Christian, taught us the Lord’s Prayer. Every time my brother and I misbehaved, even when quite young, she would make us both kneel down with our heads on her lap, and we had to recite the prayer after her.

As a teenager, I had outgrown Sunday school, and soon left off going to church. My dad took me from school at fifteen to work with him in the building industry, mainly for the farming community. It was hard work in those days, and I got little or no pay.

At nearly 18 years of age I left the building work, and I went and trained as a psychiatric nurse. This was followed four years later by general nursing training.

Like the prodigal son, I now had money and soon got involved in wrong living especially over drinking.  As I look back I know I only survived drunk driving because the hand of God was upon me. My move to London made it worse because my best friend was a chronic alcoholic.

Life was empty and purposeless. Although surrounded by people, I was very alone and miserable. At night I would lie in bed and pray the Lord’s Prayer; also saying, “God, if you are real, please help me.”

In June 1964, while alone in my bed-sit around noon, I was suddenly overwhelmed by God, who unexpectedly came rushing into my life.

God opened the eyes of my understanding and showed me Jesus dying on the cross for me, and I was able to believe it.

An unexplainable warm feeling rose up within me, and I knew that God had come into my life. I was so thrilled that I just wanted to run out into the street and tell someone. Soon I found a church and became a regular attendee. In the following six months, God completely took away the desire for alcohol.

Over the years God has continued to be with me. He gave me a dear Christian wife, she had previously been praying that I would come to faith, and I have 3 lovely children.

Even as a Christian, we are not spared the problems of life. There have been good times and bad times, time of grief and sorrow, through them all Jesus has been with me and lifted me out of them all.

I continue to take an active part in the church in which Jesus has placed me. I have found Jesus to be my way, truth and life. Jesus promised that the TRUTH would set me free. He has set me free from being a slave to things that I could not get free from myself.

Jesus has forgiven me, healed me and given me the gift of life which will last for ever. Jesus is in my life, He is my joy, my happiness my everything.

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