Before I became a Christian in 1979, my husband and I were in business in Somerset, and doing financially ‘quite nicely thank you’. We lived to work, and to fulfil our ambitions. We had a car, boat, caravan……and no room in our lives for GOD.

Then one day my daughter (who had dabbled in all sorts of things) told me she had got saved. The change in her life was drastic it amazed me. She asked us both to her baptism, and so, with reluctance on my husband’s part, and curiosity on mine we went. I had never seen so many happy people in Church before.

My daughter asked me to go to a home meeting with her, and at the meeting I felt as if my heart was warmed, and I was at peace.

I did not make any decision at that time about becoming a Christian, but I did have a recurring dream that my husband was having an affair with the young girl we were training to be a manageress in one of our shops. A month later my husband told me that my dream was reality, and that he was leaving me.

It was at this point that I called out to the Lord, and met with Him. There were two parts of the Bible that were a great help to me at this time.

‘With God all things are possible’


‘Have faith in God’

For an uncomfortable year, while we sold the shops, I know God kept my sanity and health, and the Holy Spirit flooded me with such joy inside; even in my grief it was tremendous. The change in me in those years was huge, and God continues that work even up to today.

Eleven years after the divorce, during which time my husband had remarried, he contacted me with the news that he had cancer. He asked me that at the end of his life would I come and stay, and look after him to enable his wife to keep her job. He said he didn’t want to die worried about their mortgage!!!!!!!!!!

My first thought was ‘blow you Jack’, but the Holy Spirit gently reminded me of the vows I had made ‘till death us do part’ and so I agreed to go when the end drew near.

When I arrived they said he had a month to live, but after seeing him I rang up our children and advised them to come and see their father. When they arrived he was furious, he wanted them to go – ’he still had a month left to die in peace’, but he deteriorated that day, and that evening his present wife never moved from his side.

I knew he was dying, and in the morning when his present wife left to get washed, I moved over and said,

“Ian if you can hear me it’s important, squeeze my hand”, and very gently I felt a response. I continued, I said “Ian I can see a boat on the sea of the great eternity and it’s coming to pick you up; it’s the pilot boat and guess who’s on it JESUS CHRIST; now for goodness sake get on it and ask Jesus to forgive you, and get on the boat.”

I said a short prayer and his face lit up, and his arms went up across his chest, and he died. He and I both found God’s forgiveness, and I pray you will too

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